E-Design Services

Our E-Design service is the perfect way for you to refresh or transform your decor without having the leave your own home.

Design One’s E-Design service is completely all online! It’s perfect for those who love the idea of decorating their home but don’t have the time or clearly that designer edge you get from a professional interior designer.

We will deal with any room in your house! Big or small. E-Design is available to anyone in New Zealand.  It doesn’t matter where you are here, as long as you have an internet connection we can get our mood boards to you.

Don’t waste your money buying items to try out.  With this E-Design service, you will see how every aspect of your room will work together to achieve the look you need.  Then with our product checklist, you will know exactly where to buy what and how much it will cost you.

3 Easy Steps


Complete Questionnaire

Fill in our form with all your details about what style and inspiration you love and want to see throughout your mood boards.

Submit your photos

Take photos of your space or spaces that you want to have redecorated and submit them in our online form. Make sure you get a wide range of shots so we can piece together the whole room.

Receive your Moodboards & Go shopping!

Now you have received your mood boards and can start visualizing your new room its time to head out and start shopping!

What You Will Receive

Our E-Design service will provide you with a number of mood boards highlighting key areas of your room from the photos you have supplied with a range of different decorative options to fit them and style you suggested in your form application. We also provide a list of all the great products that you see on the mood board with pricing so you know how much you will have to spend. We have teamed up with great supplies of interior products so we are able to offer you an awesome price of every product that we suggest so you not only end up with an amazing looking room but you have also saved money in the process.


(For 3 rooms or more discounted rates per room applies)